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Osonyo Limited– the company of professional financial managers and highly experienced Forex traders and Cryptocurrency. The idea and the concept of absolutely new investment company was designed in 2018, when our own trading system was created. But we decided to focus our attention to the full cycle trading system tests and optimization by trading our own money. Few years later all the tests were successfully completed and our trading strategy showed outstanding results. This system is fully automated, our traders just control opened positions and improve trading system from time to time by optimizing it to the current market situation.

When the system showed itself as stable and profitable the new period of Osonyo Limited development started. Our professional team of supporters began growing and turned into one big strong company where everybody took his own right place. Now we are ready to go online and offer our services to the general public. We – Paul Morenco, Joseph Harwel and Linda Farrinda – are the main partners and CEO of the Osonyo Limited. Our team now consists of more than 35 employees worldwide, who are traders, managers and IT specialists. We already manage over 50 million dollars and this amount grows every day.

What do we do?

Osonyo Limited designed and implemented a high-tech software to optimize Forex & cryptocurrency trades. With this tool, our traders are able to place thousands of mini transactions per minute, maintaining a very high accuracy and thus providing profit in the majority of our operations. Cryptocurrency Trading is the equivalent to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is possible to buy and sell various bitcoin and altcoin normally for USD and BTC. At any given moment, the mind of a human can only observe a handful of indicators. A crypto-currency bot like Bitcoin is able to track and try every indicator constantly on every crypto coin.

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Use technology and skills to enable us to generate a stable cash flow, the smallest risk of economic loss, is our business and continuous improvement of the ideal choice to ensure high levels of performance and reliability, the use of strategies and capabilities to diagnose market conditions, To create huge profits.

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